Friday, April 3, 2009

Winners of the Web 2.0 era

Skype May Be The Biggest Winner From The Web 2.0 Era

Who can take the title "biggest winner from the Web 2.0 era"?
  • Skype: $500 million in revenue, profitable and growing and an iPhone app.
  • Google: not really Web 2.0, though; born in 1999.
  • YouTube: still losing money, no clear monetization model, and video-serving costs are substantial. It is hard to imagine YouTube as an independent company
  • Facebook: how long can the great hope remain the great hope? At some point, it has to demonstrate a sustainable revenue model and some profit. It still doesn't have a native revenue model that makes sense to both users and advertisers.
  • Twitter: see above.
  • not really Web 2.0 either; born in 1999. More revenue than Skype today, but smaller addressable market.

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