Monday, May 18, 2009

Where did the time go?

It's been a while since my last post. With my new job, I haven't had as much time to share much of life's happenings. For friends and family, I thought I would give you all an update on this tremendous week of change.

First, my oldest daughter, Gab, graduated this weekend. For two years, she has been involved in the TAMS (Texas Academy of Math and Science) Program. Basically, she attended her junior and senior years and the University of North Texas and now has a high school diploma with 67 plus college credit hours. I am obviously a proud papa and more proud that she graduated with honors as did the other 144 students in the program. We are equally as proud of her full scholarship - the wallet is happy. Needless to say, while I am proud, I am also sad. Where did the time go? My wife always told me, enjoy your kids and every moment with them... you will look back one day and wonder where all the time has gone. I always said to myself, I would never say that... I've said it more than once or twice this weekend. So my first born will go off to continue on with her remaining two years of undergrad and then off to bigger and better. One down, four more to go as my sister reminds me. (For friend & family that missed the graduation, I've posted the video on Facebook.) They only allowed 8 guest per family; 5 of those included just my kids.

This week we celebrated my birthday, Gab's graduation and Caroline's dance recital. All wonderful and memorable events in the Costilla household. Caroline was a dancing machine. She loved the fact that she could wear make-up. Her first and last opportunity!

On a final note of this week of change... and this is the tough part. As we watched our oldest walk across the stage and on into her future, America and I were eagerly awaiting to share news of the arrival of a precious life. America and I have known for two months that we were expecting our 6th child. A true blessing from God to the Costilla family. We wanted to wait to let our friends and family know until after Gab's big day - we did not want to take anything away from that. However, plans changed... As we prepared for the big day, America started feeling uncomfortable and noticed some changes. Long story short, we took her to the doctors to learn that she was undergoing a miscarriage. Luckily, her parents and mine were in town for the graduation, we have had so much love and support. Amidst the chaos and ceremonies, everyone is doing fine. It is a difficult time and hard to comprehend or even discuss. But I do ask for your continued prayers as I'm not really sure what all this means. In all things God has a plan and we are grateful for His blessings. As our first born angel embarks on her new life, we also welcome our unborn angel into heaven.

Enjoy your time with your kids, they grow up so fast.

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Donnine said...

That is quite a deep blog post and heavy on my heart. I am so happy for you, your family, and Gab. What a journey she is on and she is doing so great. I think your last sentence sums up your angels well. God does have a plan and I hope you find peace in your faith.

Love from our family,