Monday, February 8, 2010

Who want an Easy Button?

I find this post by Will Richardson very interesting... not sure why... Just very interesting and thought provoking....

After watching this video and it's core marketing message on ease of use, it just seemed to dumb down the teaching and learning process in the classroom. I don't think I want a one size fits all or easy button in the classroom. Learning should be challenging and engaging and not confined to a central location in the classroom. Teaching and learning happen everyday and everywhere beyond the four walls of the classroom. As a former classroom teacher, all we had were computer labs, today teachers and students have iTouch, iPhone, netbooks, social media tools and many other innovative resources. It's a shame the message comes down to just making it easy. I don't think this is the right message either.

Thanks for posting this and seeking a deeper vision of teaching and learning.

So I ran across this Smart Ease of Use video in the course of one of our threads in a PLP cohort and I have to say, I can’t seem to shake it. I mean, maybe I’m missing something here, but if this is a vision of “transformative” technology, we’re in some serious trouble. Worse, if this marketing piece actually does the job and creates sales of Smart boards, we’re in even bigger trouble.

Is this really a vision of classrooms and learning that we aspire to? Is it all about being “easy”? And what does it say when the manufacturer of one of the most popular pieces of technologies in schools presents this picture for what teachers and students should be doing in schools?

Help me…what am I missing?

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