Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Love the Taco—Drink Responsibly

This weekend we attended the Jazz Festival and it was fantastic. We heard great music, had some really good food and the kids had a great time. It's always fun to eat the funnel cake, drink the lemonade and gorge on a the mound of homemade fried potato chips. But what I love most is my little taco. Grace recently turned two and well, she's a handful and full of energy. I just love the curiosity of kids and how they can make even the most simple things in life seem so grand. Why do we spend big bucks on crazy toys—those are the things that end up in the garage. Who would have thought that a $10 rug would keep her occupied. A note to self~
I love my taco, but drink responsibly!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Boys will be boys.

I often wonder why some boys are wired different than others. As a young boy, I wasn't too athletic, outgoing or rambunctious. Very much a mama's boy. As I watch my two boys grow older, I see they are very different and very much alike. They both have great big hearts and they both like mischief. They are risk takers, they are active and almost always breaking something, but through it all, they are caring and loving and if put to the test, would choose right from wrong.
I often try to live by example and avoid certain doings in hopes that they will follow. It doesn't always work and I don't always lead. I also have three girls and they have their set of challenges and joys. I guess if I had to share any wisdom on raising boys... it's this — boys will be boys!