Thursday, October 30, 2008

K12Online Events - Oct. 30, 2008

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Interactive tools for remote and synchronous mentoring
Michele Wong Kung Fong
Description:This presentation addresses the intersection of design, education and tecnology. It investigates the design of remote mentoring interfaces. It questions ways in which the design of interactive tools can support the remote and synchronous mentoring of a middle school learner by a college student through concrete representation of abstract concepts. It looks at ways in which the design of interactive educational tools can be informed by learning styles and preferences for more more meaningful learning experiences. While this presentation focuses on specific variables such as concrete middle school learners, peer to peer mentoring and science as the subject being mentored, it shows the potential for strategies to be transferred to other educational contexts. The presentation will include demonstrations of ways in which interactivity can promote meaningful learning at the different stages of the learning process as well as ways in which characteristics of social networking portals can be appropriated for remote mentoring purposes.
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Monsters Bloom in Our Wiki
Ann Oro and Anna Baralt
Description: Learn how our Monster Project encourages creativity and the development of reading and writing skills while integrating technology into the classroom. Using monsters as a vehicle, students across the United States exchange written descriptions and recreate their partner’s monster without ever looking at the real thing. Teachers will discover free tools available online, connect drawing and writing tools, learn how to work with multiple files in a wiki, and equate various goals of the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy with an electronic platform. Lesson plans, tips, and resources are shared.
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Teaching Web 2.0 - Everything you need in one place
Wendy Drexler
Description: The Teach Web 2.0 Wiki is a repository of emerging web applications with educational potential. Tools are reviewed for their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential threats. Resources and teacher examples are also posted. The wiki is only as valuable as the content posted by contributors. The more who participate, the more valuable it becomes.
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Telling the New Story: Leverage Points for Inspiring Change Orientation
David Warlick
Description: It is often said that “the future is not what it use to be.” In this information-driven, technology-rich world, where jobs appear and become obsolete in only a few years, it is certainly not your father’s future any more. Retooling our classrooms into learning spaces that effectively prepare our children for a future of infinite opportunity will require a new story about teaching and learning. It must be a story that is so compelling that we forget about our childhood student experiences from decades ago and agree that a different kind of classroom, teaching, and learning experience is required and deserved by our children.
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