Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is interesting: Your own YouTube-like service?

PermissionTV Provides White Label Video Platform Services

PermissionTV lets companies create their own YouTube-style video service. Their list of clients includes MGM, Bob Villa and many more well-known names in the entertainment industry. They also serve corporations, agencies, special interest groups and publishing companies.

The PTV platform with customizable flash-based SmartPlayer provides a flexible way to share and manage interactive video content. It also includes useful analytics so you can measure the performance and success of videos that you’ve shared online.

Although this is targeted to large companies, could school districts benefit from their own You-Tube-style video service. With the randomness of videos out there on YouTube, is this a secure way for teachers and students to share video based content inside their own community and monitor and secure their content...?

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Nic Mobbs said...

I think school districts need to start looking at tools like this (there's another one called VioStream which looks like it may do a similar thing to PermissionTV). YouTube is fabulous but we need to consider the safety and copyright issues related to students when we're working online.