Saturday, October 25, 2008


This weekend I joined the Live Fireside Chat via Elluminate. The format was very interesting as we basically joined a webinar conference session where we were then placed into one of 13 rooms. Each of the presenters that shared their information from this week's K12Online Conference sessions that took place this week each moved from room to room to share updates, answer questions and engage in group dialogue with attendees. It was great to talk directly to the presenters and to also collaborate with others in the room.

The K12Online event has been an amazing experience for me. I have learned so much from the presenters but even more from the participants. They are so willing to help and full of many ideas. I learned today that one person takes all of the video and audio files and uploads them to their iPod so that they can take the presenation on the go or listen to them at their leisure... Small but powerful tip to enhance professional growth and learning opportunities when you can't sit at your computer all day.

Also, one tool that I really liked was Voicethreads. Rather than trying to explain it, click the link to better understand. This is a great tool to gather input and engage with others about a particular session or topic. I have not heard of this tool before, but it is very useful as follow-up or ongoing information sharing.

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