Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Status Update: Santa is updating his Facebook.

In a recent post I read that even Santa Clause has a Facebook profile. So I checked for my self and sure enough, you can find quite a few of them. Pick one any one.

With Facebook up to more than 140 million users, having a few more Santa's can't hurt. The question that I have is "what's next?" Soon the Easter bunndy, the Groundhog and Old Man Winter will have Facebook profile, if they don't already. Is Facebook becoming the new AOL of days gone by. Will Facebook become even more mainstream that those who first joined in will look to something more unique or "next gen?" I remember when we all stumbled upon the Internet, we quickly jumped to get our 300 baud modem and phone line connected so that we could all dial in and here the "you've got mail" notice. Then came the 2400 baud modem, then DSL, then fiber. Pretty soon everyone had their own AOL account and a few of us ventured off into other services like NetZero for free because we didn't want to pay the monthly fees and then everyone else joined the free banner driven dial-up providers. Soon we moved on to faster connectivity with DSL and ISP providers that were as far away from AOL as possible because AOL was for our parents so that they could easily get their email and online without all of the clicks and confusion of the world wide web. And so today, we access our web via mobile phones, netbooks and other devices we'll get for Christmas.

So will Facebook become the new AOL? Where will those college kids who pioneered Facebook go next. What will the next "social community" or application be for those early adopters that have now decided they are moving on because they want something that is there own or want to go somewhere their parents aren't hanging out at? Not to mention all of the snowballs, pokes, and requests to join a group or see how alike I am.

For now, I am a part of the AOL generation now on Facebook and I will friend my daughters friends to find out what's going on out there. Happy Holidays Santa.

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