Friday, December 12, 2008

Podcast with Wes Fryer

A couple of weeks ago, I had an opportunity to attend a webinar in Oklahoma on Web 2.0 Collaboration and Communication. While I was there, I participated in a brief interview with Wes Fryer. Preview or download the podcast below to learn how this Web 2.0 organization that I am involved got started and where it is going.

A special thanks to Wes for the opportunity to get the word out and providing valuable insight and thought for how WeAreTeachers can support collaboration and communiation among teachers and school communities.

Podcast295: Reconsidering Paradigms of Value and Rewards for Teacher Expertise with John Costilla of

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This podcast features an interview from early December 2008 with John Costilla of According to the company’s about page, “WeAreTeachers wants to level the playing field and avail teachers of the wonderful new tools of the digital age. In the Web 2.0 world, technology empowers individuals and groups to come together for the purpose of aggregating resources and knowledge. From social networks and e-commerce, to online video and other forms of digital content, the time is right for leveraging these trends and applying them to teaching and learning. WeAreTeachers provides a tangible business opportunity, enabling teachers to productize what they do, to be paid for their expert advice, and to have a stake in the knowledge marketplace.” As John discusses, proposes a very different paradigm of thinking about value and rewards for teacher expertise in the 21st century. These are challenging and exciting ideas, worthy of consideration as well as advocacy. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I voluntarily interviewed John for this podcast, and was not compensated in any way for recording and sharing this.)

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Show Notes:

  2. YouTube Story of background by Sandy Fivecoat
  3. YouTube Video ad for
  4. John Costilla’s profile page on the WeAreTeachers Ning
  5. “I Am Teacher” on Facebook (Connects teachers with other teachers around the world based on similar teaching characteristics)
  6. Management Team of
  7. IMDB entry for “Joe Versus the Volcano” (opening audio clips)

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