Sunday, December 28, 2008

John's Top 12 Memorables of 2008

As 2008 draws to a close, I reflect on all of the many great and so-so events. The price of gas hitting $4.00 was a low, the economy, foreclosures, etc. - all not so good events in 08. But for me, this year was a great year all the way around. Here are few memorables that I recall that stand out as my 08 highlights and great experiences.

12. Boot Camp
Memorable, but not so sure I would say great. This summer I decided I would start working out for the first time in almost 15 years. Okay more like 20. Man was it a tough. I started going to a boot camp not too far from the house. I continue to go on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays @ 5AM. That's right. Getting up that early in the morning really surprises America. I believe that's half the battle. 50 pounds lighter and biceps that even Arnold Schwarzenegger would envy are still yet to be seen. I've also started bike riding on the trail and basketball on Monday nights. Other than weak knees, no drastic changes yet.

11. Twitter
What's not to like about Twitter? Like everyone else, initially my reaction was "I don't get it?" But now, I just get so much content and connections out of it. I always learn something new and find great resources and information. Twitter has been a new find/tool for me in 08.

10. Facebook
140 million users on Facebook. Need I say more. I am one of the oldies, parents, others, whatever you wan to call us who have also joined the Facebook phenomena. I'm also my daughter's facebook friend, which I'm sure she regrets adding. Recently we added an application on Facebook titled, I Am Teacher. It's an app that connects teachers around the world.

9. Wii - America's Bday present
This year America turned (can't say) and all she asked for on her birthday was a Wii. Okay, maybe the kids and I really wanted it more.

Looks like I wasn't the only one excited about my wife's birthday gift.

Despite early predictions that 2008 would be the year Sony regained momentum in the bitter video game console wars, it turned out to be false hope. Industry leader Nintendo stayed ahead of the pack all year, thoroughly dominating both the home console and handheld hardware markets with their Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS systems, respectively.

According to NPD Group, Nintendo flat-out owned the all-important month of November by selling over 2 million Wiis, better than twice as much as the next closest competitor, Microsoft's Xbox 360 (836,000).

8. Flickr
Another great Web 2.0 resource that I went crazy with this year. I really like Flickr on the go. I can take pictures all day long with my phone and upload them automatically to my Flickr account. Check out my 2008 photos @

7. AC graduation from 8th grade / High School
This in and of itself was a major accomplishments. To say that 8th grade was a challenge for us is an understatement. Needless today, he finished 8th grade and is on to high school and doing really well. Enjoy the brief recap of AC in 08.

6. Gab's senior year - 18 years old
We didn't see much of Gab this year as much of her senior year has been spent at the Texas Academy of Math & Science (TAMS). Our oldest is officially 18 years and I guess you could say "independent." She still comes home on closed weekends and asks if mom can bake her some cookies. Although she is in college taking sophomore classes, next year, she officially leaves home to pursue her college dreams for real. Here's a brief recap of her "somewhat surprise" birthday party. Thanks to her two friends who showed up, late I might add.

5. Caroline's Littlest Pet Shop Craze
Caroline turned 8 this year and all the buzz in 08 was definitely "all things Littlest Pet Shop." We celebrated her birthday with a LPS birthday extravaganza. This year mom decided to home school her and she is doing great.

4. John M's broken arm experience
Definitely a 2008 memorable experience - John broke his arm. We were so worried about him and fearful that he would panic about the needs, cast, doctors, etc. In the end, all his screaming was because he wanted to see the doctors poke the needle in his arm. Turns out he's rough around the edges and is very tough skinned. He definitely got himself into a lot of tough situations this year.

3. Grace's independence
Finally, our littlest critter turned 2. This was a year of much growth and exploration. She definitely tested her limits and our patience.

2. My iPhone - The gift that almost was
I might add that this list is in no particular order. Items 3, 4, 5, & 6 definitely would come before #2. However, my iPhone was an absolute plus to my 2008. This year my brothers and sisters decided to pitch in to get me an iPhone for my birthday, but the way the went about it was absolutely painful. This by far makes up for all the past bad Christmas gifts. The navigation / maps feature alone has saved me more times than I can count.

1. Turning 40
This would have to be the biggest milestone for me in 2008. Someone told me that 40 was the new 30. I have to disagree, 40 is definitely the new 40. I definitely feel older, heavier, weaker and everything "er." But this year, I have decided to embrace it head on by being more active and more healthier... at least for the beginning of my New Year's resolution. In 2009, all I have to say is... Bring it on 41.

I'm looking forward to all the new and memorable experiences that 2009 brings about. I hope your 2008 was one with cherished memories and lots of laughter. From my family to yours, we wish you a prosperous New Year and one that is filled with many blessings.


malcolm said...

don't worry about 40! it's not the "years" it's the "miles" on the vehicle. all those kids have to keep you young, right? (-:

kb said...

Love the blog - they also say 50 is the new 40 - which is also a crock of you know what! But you are as young as you feel, and you're certainly on the side of youth and vitality. Viva boot camp! :) and Happy New Year!

riveraven said...

nice list
congrats on the iphone :p
keep up the blogging