Thursday, January 29, 2009

15 seconds of fame

Using TwitterFox, I am able to get quick Twitter updates on my browser as they come across the twitter pipes. I came across this very short post from Chris Pirillo.

Curious as to how my avatar would appear in his video, I (jcostilla) replied to his Twitter post. And there it was, 15 seconds of fame on his live Ustream Internet broadcast.

So what's the point? Not really sure, but during the call, one Twitter follower watching the live broadcast was singled out for having a certain number of Twitter followers. A simple request by Chris to his audience of viewers to help get her number of follower up and it happened. Just like that. This is truly a case of grassroots viral movement. I am so amazed by the many aspects of social media. All of this from a simple click to a curious post.

Genius. After listening in to the live broadcast for a bit, I learned that Chris basically attributes his work and entrepreneurship to "hard work" every single day. No magic pill, just tenacious drive to succeed. I believe it's grassroots marketing efforts like this that will help propel your brand in a social media play. Always fascinated by Web 2.0 and Chris Pirillo.

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