Monday, January 26, 2009

Social Media in 2009

It is becoming more evident that as marketers, companies will have to move beyond their own corporate website and beyond search engine optimization to gain in 2009. With the boom in social media, it will mean more than creating a Twitter account, adding a group on Facebook and posting Google Ad Words. The key will be to engage and sustain your audience with the many pushes and pulls that social networks and Web 2.0 tools have to offer. WeAreTeachers is working to leverage these resources to add value to members and affiliates alike.

The Unforeseen Consequences of the Social Web

Search Engines Are No Longer Enough

With Internet usage growing at a remarkable pace it comes as no surprise that comScore recently rated Google as the most popular Internet property in the world, attracting over 777.9 million visitors as of December 2008. Not surprising either is the growth of social and news sites. According to Compete some of the top social sites attracted visitors in the millions during December 2008:

  • FaceBook: 59 million visitors
  • MySpace: 59 million visitors
  • Digg: 33 million visitors
  • Twitter: 4.4 million visitors

This growth can be contributed in part to the media as they realize the benefits of instant access to an enormous well of information that the Web provides. As media folk are becoming increasingly tech savvy, they're realizing results from search engines are often lacking. In an effort to gain as much insight into specific topics they are now turning to social sites for research.

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