Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Left behind in 09

So it probably looks like I have been dormant for some time now. Well truth be known, 2009 has already gotten away from me. During the holiday break, we went to visit America's family so I was somewhat limited in posting anything. I was able to post my daily pics for my Project Pic 365. I have been doing this now for 101 days. Unfortunately, on the 97th day, my iPhone stopped sending the photo uploads to this blogger spot. So although they were showing up on my ShoZu profile, they were not showing up here - ShoZu was not happening for shizzill. So if it appears that I posted all these images here on Jan 6th - that's the case, although I took them each of the days and had some technical issues.

Regarding blog posts, well, I guess it's time to catch up. I will be heading out to CES in Vegas and then to NAMM in Anehiem and then back to TMEA in San Antonio. So the next couple of months will be a little hectic.

Until next time.

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johnn said...


My names John and I'm QA manager at ShoZu.

Sorry to hear that something isn't working with your ShoZu set up. If I can help please contact me direct on john.neal@shozu.com.